Buying Asparagus

Norfolk County Asparagus is sold in accordance with Asparagus Growers Association size grades:

Grades of Asparagus

Class I - Extra Select
The finest grade, the spears are 16-20mm thick
(approx 10 spears per 1 lb bundle)

Class I - Select
Spears are 10-16mm thick
(approx 16 spears per 1 lb bundle)

Class I - Choice
Spears are 6-10mm thick
(approx 30 spears per 1 lb bundle) 
Class II - Kitchen
Spears will be any thickness

Weights available

The asparagus of all grades is normally packed in 454g (or 1 lb) bundles. Each bundle is 'gift' wrapped in our Norfolk County Asparagus white paper sleeve, which gives information of accreditations, the grower and recipe ideas.

A box of asparagus comprises 10 x 1lb bundles, and the box, like the sleeve, is white with Norfolk County Asparagus logo and information. The box has air holes for good ventilation and is sent to market in refrigerated transport to ensure the asparagus arrives in excellent condition.

Other pack weights, eg 250g, are available, but are not wrapped in paper sleeves. The bundles are tied, and have an 'information' tab clipped on. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Where to Buy

Norfolk County Asparagus can be bought far and wide:
  • Direct from the farm (see map below) 
  • New Covent Garden, Spitalfields and Western International Markets, Borough Market
  • Manchester, Preston, Nottingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Newcastle Gateshead Vegetable Markets
  •  Please contact us if you need further information 

Buying direct from the farm 

Buying direct from the farm is by far the easiest for 'locals'.  If you want a special order of 'tips' please phone ahead. The map below shows our location but for those wishing to find us via 'Sat Nav' here is the farm address:

WO & PO Jolly
Roudham Farm
NR16 2RJ

Please note that the farm is only accessible from the A11 via the B1111 or the High Bridgham Road. Even though the map below indicates there are more direct routes these are private roads.